The journey is that event that leaves a double mark: the impossible return to the starting point and the foreignness condition arising from the extra-ordinary. The farewell, the misalignments, transitions, re-adjustments and insistent notations on paper, shape the drawing as a pre-text.


The sheet, a blank territory, is circulated and exerted by the negotiations inherent to the instance of detachment and the topics of occupation, disoccupation and reoccupation. The history of drawing is then built from its basics –dots, lines and planes– to mark, cover, erase, write, re-write, re-mark and finally leave a track. Through graphite, powdered graphite, eraser, tape and paper, craft is the way to animate and explore the media, a way of thinking, tracing and taking up the space.


I re-signify the procedure’s residue as a mark of itself, showing actions and operations made in a tautological dynamic that makes the foreignness possible and the extra-ordinary visible. Thus, over the blank sheet of paper, graphic signs and actions lead the beginning of another journey: the one of the line over the surface about which it moves and inhabits –and I in it.