Untitled. Segundo bosque, 2016. Powdered graphite, shellac, shredded papers and colored pencils on linen. 80.70 x 96.45 in

Untitled (second forest), 2016. Powdered graphite, shellac, cutout papers and colored pencils on linen. 80 x 96 in

Migration diagram. 2014. Marker and pencil on paper. 59 x 187 in


Migration diagram (detail)


Migration diagram (detail)





























Occupation topics. 2015. Mixed media on paper. 30 x 20 in

Exercises of possibility.2015. Paper cutouts. 11 x 16 in


Plan to inhabit a white piece of paper. 2012. Marker, tracing paper and powdered graphite on paper. 21 x 28 in


To transit. 2013. Marker on cutout paper, shellac print on paper and powdered graphite. 21 x 28 in

Edge of itself (detail). 2014. Marker and cutout papers on paper. 35 x 47 in



















Memory as the only baggage. 2013. Marker on cutout paper, shellac print and pencil on paper. 14 x 14 in